Are you an HR or Procurement professional and in charge of your company's IC compliance or self-sourcing activities?

If so, congratulations! We suggest you focus on finding an integrated self-sourcing and IC compliance solution that takes the operational chaos and risk exposure out of engaging and administering the talent your internal customers need.

Compliance Solutions does just that. Our proprietary IC classification and IC relationship management platform, along with our highly attentive and service-focused team, delivers comprehensive, audit proof documentation and an efficient, low-touch on boarding experience for both talent and managers. And because we are procurement and sourcing practitioners, expert category spend management is an integral part of our core services!


Is anybody at your company managing the non-agency contractor population?

If not, we suggest you take the lead in educating your company about the risks of IC misclassification and the huge operational efficiencies and savings that can be gained by strategically managing all non-agency contractors (NACs).

Compliance Solutions is focused on NAC program governance. We are a team of procurement, sourcing and HR practitioners that knows how to help you make the case for strategically managing ICs and W2s (NACs) in a single program.