payrolling   noun | pey-rohl-ing 

a : non-employee workers engaged and paid as W2 contractors

b : outsourcing the administrative and payroll burden of engaging W2 contractors to a specialized third party agency often referred to as a payrolling firm or third party payroll provider.

How does your company pay independents and freelancers?

If your company is like most (including a lot of the Fortune 500!) then this is probably a difficult question to answer. But it doesn't have to be. Consolidating payroll services is step #1 to optimizing this oft-forgotten spend category. Compliance Solutions can show you how to do it. Contact us for a no-obligation Payrolling Savings & Risk Assessment today!

Are you using staffing agencies to pay your non-employee, non-agency contractors?

If so, you are not alone. Most Compliance Solutions clients have engaged us for the sole purpose of consolidating the payrolling services across their freelancer, W2 and 1099 contractor population. Our clients came to the realization that staffing firms charge higher markups and they lack the expertise and systems to properly and efficiently onboard and manage independents. They also realize that managing multiple vendors made it nearly impossible to manage payrolling spend effectively across their organization. Our Payrolling Savings & Risk Assessment demonstrates just how costly using staffing agencies can be relative to a dedicated Payroll Provider (like Compliance Solutions!). 

Pay day for our freelancers and independent contractors is a nightmare for us as well. And what’s worse is the premium we are paying for this lack of service.
— Fortune 500 Procurement Director

Payrolling contractors is our specialty. Let us take the risk and administrative burden off your hands so you can focus on your day job.