SFS Compliance Solutions Manages Your Independent Contractor Risk in 3 Easy Steps


Step 1: Identify and avoid misclassification risk with ComplianceHR

Step 2: Create Audit Proof documentation

Step 3: Enable Risk-Protected access to the talent you need

SFS Compliance Solutions interviews the identified independent resource, documents the relevant details of the proposed engagement, and works directly with the requestor through every step of the process.

In almost real time, SFS Compliance Solutions delivers an easy to interpret report with a grounded gauge of the independent contractor risk detected in the proposed engagement.

Validated independent contractors and freelancers are routed to the SFS Compliance Solutions agency of record for contracting and on boarding.

When measured misclassification risk is too great, the talent is routed to the employer of record for W2 processing.

A system generated, comprehensive Audit Proof file is produced, providing the documentation necessary to support the independent contractor classification decision and the evaluation process.


The ComplianceHR toolkit provides a result that is unmatched in the market, due to the underlying case law and logic-based, expert system technology of Navigator IC (a component of ComplianceHR). ComplianceHR measures of compliance risk are clearly depicted by a red, yellow, green "risk meter." Further, not only is the degree of risk measured and visibly displayed, ComplianceHR offers documented case law at the Federal and State levels to highlight specific legislative statutes in addition to pointing out areas where risk can be further mitigated.

From a service level perspective, SFS Compliance Solutions tracks and reconciles all classification test results with the actual disposition of talent, whether by rule, by escalation or by exception. On a regular basis SFS Compliance Solutions reviews and assists in mitigating classification risk weaknesses identified during testing and processing of independent contractors and W2s. Urgent and newly discovered classification risks, along with recommendations, are immediately escalated to the client.

Having the right IC compliance technology is one thing. Having service-oriented experts leveraging it on your behalf is another thing altogether.

Let SFS Compliance Solutions be your Compass!