self-sourcing   noun | self × sors-ing 

a : direct identification, selection, and procurement of non-agency contractors [contingent labor resources not associated with a staffing agency or other recruiting or sourcing intermediary]

b : becoming contingent labor channel of choice as workforce makeup shifts more toward freelancers, independent workers and contractors seeking more direct engagement with client companies and vice versa

c : requires worker classification and compliance screening to compensate for absence of traditional and higher-cost staffing agency protections; agent of record and employer of record services are recommended service layer for self-sourcing of non-agency contractors as they provide contractor engagement protections at fraction of cost.

Non-agency contractors comprise 25.5% of the U.S. workforce.
— Staffing Industry Analysts

Our 5 keys to building and maintaining an efficient and safe self-sourcing talent channel

  1. Solution Design   Client-specific program solution design that makes self-sourcing freelance talent efficient while meeting risk and spend management objectives

  2. Identify Risk   Risk entry points in the self-sourcing process are mitigated with compliance screening procedures and audit defenses 

  3. Quick Time-to-start   Quick and easy on boarding of freelancers is the foundation of our Employer / Agent of Record services

  4. Technology    Automating the freelancer lifecycle from on-boarding to invoicing to reporting is key, but so is integrating with our client's talent pool, vendor management system and all the other components of the total talent management ecosystem

  5. Experience & Expertise   At the end of the day you need a provider who knows how to deliver payrolling and compliance as enhancements to your self-sourcing strategy, not as constraints.

Solution Design

Of course every company is unique. CS expects this and invests in discovery and exploration meetings up front. Our solution design objective is to align our compliance, agent of record, and employer of record expertise and best practices to our clients' third party management policies, self-sourcing technologies and processes, geographic and culture differences, and spend management preferences. Here we show a typical starting point for custom solution design, incorporating the 5 critical solution elements from above. 

SS Process Flow.png

Solution Design Consultation

If you want a preview of how our Self-Sourcing Solution will fit your circumstances, contact us for a complementary risk assessment and design consultation.