5 critical elements for a fluid and protected self-sourcing channel

  1. Design client-specific program solution that meets self-sourcing risk and spend management objectives

  2. Identify IC misclassification risk with an experienced team and expert screening procedures and systems

  3. Create audit proof documentation to withstand government inquiries and legal scrutiny

  4. Enable easy access to risk-protected talent with full service agent / employer of record services for ICs and W2s

  5. Manage the risk with IC training and relationship management throughout the IC risk life-cycle



Solution Design

Of course every company is unique. CS expects this and invests heavily in discovery and exploration meetings up front. Our solution design objective is to align our compliance, agent of record, and employer of record expertise and best practices to our clients' third party management policies, self-sourcing technologies and processes, geographic and culture differences, and spend management preferences. Here we show a typical starting point for custom solution design, incorporating the 5 critical solution elements from above. 

SS Process Flow.png

Free Solution Design Consultation

If you want a preview of how our Self-Sourcing Solution will fit your circumstances, contact us for a free risk assessment and design consultation.