New Year, New Look for Compliance Solutions

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Compliance Solutions (CS) was launched in 4Q 2016 by contingent labor industry veterans and sourcing practitioners to bring a more procurement-based, conflict–free approach to the IC (independent contractor) compliance, AOR (agent of record) and EOR (employer of record) services model. After a busy 2017 of winning and deploying mid-sized and Fortune 500 clients, developing and launching new products, we have applied that all-important strategic sourcing step of continuous improvement to CS service delivery and program governance capabilities, our leadership ranks and our conflict-free business model. Not simply out of instinct mind you, but part in response to and part in anticipation of changing facts on the ground:

  • Continued momentum of workforce shifts toward non-agency contractors

  • The growing demand (and supply) for a lighter touch intermediary that is more technology driven than reliant upon recruiting and matching services, and

  • The fact that effective IC compliance is more about risk management throughout the IC risk life-cycle than pre-engagement screenings done prior to when most common misclassification probe triggers occur, during and after IC engagements end.

What's the result of the CS continuous improvement initiative? Market-adjusted IC Compliance services for an evolving workforce:

  1. Powerful new service delivery and risk management capabilities to support the rise of non-agency contractors as a spend category to be more intentionally managed through a self-sourcing program governance model

  2. Integration of a new EOR payroll engine that is highly scalable, helps CS maintain its conflict-free status and continues to place CS business incentives in alignment with client objectives, and  

  3. A new look-n-feel for our Compliance Solutions website.

Next industry event:   CVMSDC Annual Conference in Richmond, VA January 29-30

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