Recent Legislative Activity

Independent Contractor Misclassification – DOL Withdraws Guidance Less Guidance – Relaxing Standards on ICU.S. Department of Labor has withdrawn guidance issued during the Obama Administration related to independent contractors and joint employment. Brunini Law

CT Supreme Court – ABC Test ClarificationCan CT ICs work with ONLY one company?Connecticut Supreme Court decision clarified the “C” prong of the state’s “ABC” test for independent contractor status under that state’s unemployment insurance law. Connecticut Law Blog

NC Worker Misclassification- Tax Bill Signed Into LawNew NC Employee Fair Classification ActNorth Carolina Governor signed legislation that will help workers when employers intentionally misclassify them as independent contractors to avoid paying taxes and other benefits. U.S. News & World Report NC Capitol Connection

Senate Tax Reform Bill No Longer Includes Gig Economy ShieldGig - Economy Companies are Exposed AgainThe Senate tax reform bill no longer includes the protection that had initially been proposed that would have prevented misclassification challenges against most gig economy companies. Fisher Phillips

Could Congress Soon Swoop in to Aid the Gig-Economy? End-of-the-Year TreatReports out of Washington DC indicate that gig economy businesses could be in for a year-end bonus in the form of game-changing legislation. Fisher Phillips

Could a Tax Fix the Gig Economy? Tax on Gig-Economy to Ensure BenefitsA group in New York is calling for a fee on all gig-economy transactions in order to provide workers with benefits like paid sick leave. The Atlantic

Federal Government role in the Gig-EconomyWorker's Protections Slipping BackwardsCommittee on Education and the Workforce held a hearing on the sharing economy to answer a difficult question: Does the gig-economy help reverse economic trends or exacerbate the loss of worker protections? HR Drive