The Conflict-free Difference

Not just words to capture your attention, although we are glad it did. In 2015 Compliance Solutions was created by a team of true procurement veterans and compliance practitioners. So it was only natural that at the core of the Compliance Solutions business model the traditional “AOR & EOR” structure that had become so prevalent in our industry was decoupled in a transparent and common sense way to better serve our clients’ needs. Here’s how CS independence and our conflict-free position comes to life for our clients:

  • CS is not a staffing firm

  • CS is not an employer of record

  • CS is not an MSP, and

  • CS knows that engaging ICs is a better strategy for getting work done

    • Lower bill rates

    • Results-oriented engagements

    • Classification risk off-loaded

    • Freelancers engaged on their preferred terms.

CS earns no revenue when the proper classification of your freelancer is W-2 contractor instead of independent contractor. We route W2 contractors to our dedicated and similarly conflict-free payrolling partner (PGC) or to our client’s existing employer of record. Either way, our focus on independent contractors is guaranteed to be conflict-free and seamlessly integrated with our client’s best interests in mind.

IC Curation (coaching and training for freelancers) is a differentiator that CS clients offer their freelance talent, enhancing their self-sourcing results

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Listen to the marketplace of talent. Is it time to adjust your freelancer acquisition strategy?

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Non-agency contractors comprise 25.5% of the U.S. workforce.
— Staffing Industry Analysts
11% of working adults in the U.S. work primarily as independent contractors.
85% of business executives intend to expand their use of freelancers.
— Accenture

3 Keys for a Strategic Self-Sourcing Program

  1. Identify & Mitigate Risk Entry Points   The self-sourcing process is fraught with risk entry points. CS designs custom solutions to ensure all risks are mitigated, starting with thorough and up-to-date screening procedures. But we don’t stop there. Our experience tells us that the majority of IC-related risk occurs during and immediately after the engagement. This is why IC Compliance & Best Practices Training is a requirement for all ICs under our management. Managing the entire IC lifecycle is critical to our overall risk management strategy.

  2. Integrated Solution Design  Our client-specific solutions are designed to make self-sourcing freelancers efficient while meeting risk and spend management objectives. That includes providing governance across the freelance population: supporting the proper classification, conflict-free routing, and on-boarding of both independent contractors and W-2 contractors that require employer of record services. (See our Employer of Record partner information page here.) No two self-sourcing or freelancer engagement programs are the same, so we approach each client with their unique situation and their objectives in mind. Whether it is part of a broader contingent labor program or a stand-alone initiative, we align with our client’s expectations to deliver what is needed and seamlessly interact with other client providers.

  3. Spark Technology Platform  Our proprietary Spark technology platform is an integrated network of workflow automation, risk monitoring, and a learning management system. Spark is at the backbone of everything we do for our clients and their freelancers.

    • Spark workflow facilitates IC engagements with freelancers from screening and on-boarding to SOW development, invoicing, payments and reporting.

    • Spark powers the Compliance Solutions’ rules engine for monitoring, managing and mitigating IC related risks throughout the IC lifecycle.

    • Spark is a learning management system for delivery of our industry-first IC Compliance & Best Practices Training to all ICs we manage,

    • Spark integrates with our client's talent pool, vendor management system and all the other components of the total talent management ecosystem.