SFS Compliance Solutions believes the best third party risk management strategy is an integrated program governance solution:

  • An integrated supplier engagement strategy that ensures right channel access for all external resources

  • Independent contractor and freelance worker monitoring and classification procedures across all risk entry points into the organization

  • Our integrated channel management optimizes talent engagement cycle times and ensures proper trade-offs between risk, value, and costs

  • We are not in the recruiting business.


Is your organization IC compliant?


Does your company hire IC's and freelancers?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports substantial growth in independent contractors and freelance workers, now 34% of the total U.S. workforce. With this explosive growth, along with the emergence of ACA and other regulatory requirements, IC misclassification risk is at new highs.

How are you identifying your company's IC compliance risk?

SFS Compliance Solutions leverages ComplianceHR to ensure classification of independent contractors and freelancer workers, backed by relevant case law and employment law expertise, thus minimizing your liability and charting your course to engage the talent you need.

What is your integrated governance plan?

SFS Compliance Solutions provides an integrated program strategy that identifies all potential risk scenarios, and our risk tested, IC compliant channels provide you the safe haven you need to engage and maintain independent and freelance talent.