self-sourcing   noun | self × sors-ing 

a : the direct identification, selection, and procurement of non-agency contractors [contingent labor resources not associated with a staffing agency or other recruiting or sourcing intermediary]

b : becoming contingent labor channel of choice as workforce makeup shifts more toward freelancers, independent workers and contractors seeking more direct engagement with client companies

c : requires layer of compliance screening to compensate for absence of traditional intermediary protections; agent of record and employer of record services are recommended service layer for self-sourcing of non-agency contractors as they provide contractor engagement protections at fraction of cost.


Self-sourcing Program Governance by Compliance Solutions

IC Compliance   |   Agent of Record   |    Employer of Record

  • Right channel access for all self-sourced non-agency contractors (independent and W2 contractors)

  • Integrated channel management to ensure proper trade-offs between risk, value, cycle time and costs

  • Governance and operational support across all risk entry points into the organization - VMS, talent clouds, other freelance management technologies

  • IC life-cycle Risk Management - IC compliance and best practice training - from sourcing and on boarding to termination and 1099 - for all ICs and internal managers. 

  • Sourcing and procurement practitionersnot recruiters

  • Conflict-free Model - Our IC-focused business model is aligned with our clients' best interests, not the other way around like the traditional IC compliance model. 

Non-agency contractors comprise 25.5% of the U.S. workforce

- Staffing Industry Analysts

Does your company engage independents and freelancers?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports substantial growth in independent contractors and freelance workers, now 34% of the total U.S. workforce. With this explosive growth and renewed legislative focus and activity, IC misclassification risk is at new highs.  

How are you identifying and managing IC compliance risk?

CS leverages expert IC compliance systems and procedures to identify independent contractor classification opportunities and a proprietary IC compliance and best practices training platform to maintain classification throughout the IC life-cycle.    

Does your company have a self-sourcing program strategy?

CS provides an integrated program governance model to manage both freelancer risk and spend. We identify risk, shield our clients and operationally support their self-sourcing, on boarding and contractor pay administration needs.